Carlisle Multi-Cultural Group

A local community group for people from various geographic locations and diverse cultural, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds now living and working in the City of Carlisle and the surrounding area.  We started in March 2007 and have been holding events and activities regularly since August 2007.

Membership is open to all and is free of charge.



      1. To provide opportunities for the enjoyment of the rich diversity of cultures represented within our local community through the celebration of festivals and other events.

      2. To foster an appreciation of the local heritage and culture and arrange events where all members of the community can meet together to celebrate these.

      3. To promote communication, interaction, understanding and cohesion within and between the local groups. 

      4. To raise awareness of the issues surrounding our multi-cultural society and to support integration into the local community.

      5. To support programs and projects in partnership with multi-cultural communities and forums.

      6. To enable everyone to participate fully in public and community life. 

      7. To offer information, guidance and support. 

      8. To remove barriers to opportunities for employment, education and training. 


At present our human resources are small, our funding is very limited, and our current venue is not ideal.  It is hoped that our experience of attempting to provide for the needs of the multi-cultural community will enable us to demonstrate the extent of the need in Carlisle for a dedicated, funded and staffed Multi-Cultural Centre in the city centre.



We held a Chinese Moon Festival Celebration (also known as Mid-Autumn or Harvest Festival). 


We provide a drop-in centre twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays, which we hope to extend to five days a week in the near future.  This will be an opportunity for people to access information and support as well as to gather together for coffee and informal chat.  We host a weekly ‘outreach’ facility of the Cumbria Multi-Cultural Service.  This takes place on Tuesdays from 11am to 3pm.  This service is for those who are migrant workers or members of any minority ethnic group who need information or help related to their immigration status, employment, housing, tax credits, filling forms, translation etc......

(The following extract is from the website of the Cumbria Multi-Cultural Service)



Cumbria Multi-Cultural Service

A countywide Advocacy and Advice Service for Black and Minority Ethnic People


Provide information, advice and guidance to people from all Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds

Offer an advocacy service to clients in a culturally appropriate approach

Strengthen partnerships with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and their communities, and support their integration into the local communities

Promote and support programmes and projects in partnership with multi-cultural communities and forums

Participate in workshops and conferences to raise awareness about cross-cultural issues

Offer access to translation and interpreter services



In addition we offer the following activities:-

      1. Weekly language classes in Mandarin for adults and children

      2. Monthly cookery demonstrations of cuisine from around the world

      3. Community support and information and Internet support




        1. We are currently developing the following activities:-
        2. Weekly English classes for Chinese speakers
        3. Weekly English classes for Nepalese speakers
        4. Third Party reporting for incidences of hate crime
        5. Cyber cafe with computer training
        6. Citizenship program



We have the following projects in development, some of which are in partnership with other groups and organisations:-

Chinese New Year – Cultural Educational Pack for Schools

Templates for Cultural Workshops and Cultural Educational Packs for schools

Chinese New Year Festival Celebrations for February 2008

Culture Bazaar event in the city in July 2008

Lobbying for a Multi-Cultural Centre for Carlisle

Interpreted Flower Arranging Classes